Sleeping in Prague Airport (PRG)

Many people that come through the Prague airport are embarking on long flights or have a stop in Prague as part of a larger journey. For those people, it is essential that the sleeping facilities are made well-known. In fact, the Prague airport is one of the most common airports to have a long layover within, so it is not uncommon for flyers to have to find places to sleep in the airport.

One thing that you will need to be prepared for if you are going to spend the night in the Prague PRG airport is that security guards will frequently check your ID and boarding pass to ensure you are supposed to be in the airport and that you aren’t simply using the airport for free lodging. In order to make this process as convenient as possible, make sure that you have your information handy as you make yourself comfortable within the airport facilities and accommodations.

There is plenty of seating within the airport, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to rest your legs. However, much of the seating has arm rests, which could prevent you from fully resting. You should look to find a seat with a foot rest so that you can get more comfortable. These can be found in Terminal 2. You could also choose the floor for a restful location.

Some of the most common complaints that come from those spending the night in the Prague airport is that the temperatures can be cold and there are bright lights. If you plan on spending the night or getting some rest, you should make sure that you pack extra layers for warmth and possibly something to cover your eyes to shield the light.

Prague Airport

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