Prague Airport Taxi
Prague Airport Taxi
Prague Airport Taxi

Prague Airport Taxi

All You Need To Know About Prague Airport Taxis

When you arrive to Prague you’re full of excitement and enthusiasm for your adventures ahead. You’ve done all the planning, coordinated accommodation, looked up some of the best sites and attractions and you’re just ready to start exploring this new beautiful city! While you’ve done a lot of research and planning on your final destination, you may have overlooked one small thing… how will you get there? Figuring out the fastest or cheapest way to and from the airport can be a fit confusing when you land and trying to get your bearings. Don’t fret, we’ve put together this quick, simple and easy guide on everything you need to know about getting transportation from the Prague airport to the city center.

Taxi Rank outside the Prague Airport
Taxi Rank outside the Prague Airport

When you arrive at the Václav Havel Airport Prague (what used to be called Ruzyne Airport) you will have three options for transportation into the city center: a taxi, a private airport transfer, or an Uber.

Prague Airport Taxi Service

There are only two taxi service providers from the Prague airport, Fix Taxi and Taxi Praha. They both operate nonstop service from the airport to the city center. If you want to go this route, there are sales counters where you can book a taxi at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the arrival hall. Once you book your taxi at the counter, they’ll direct you to the standing zone where you will wait for the taxi.

Prague Airport Taxi
Prague Airport Terminal 1 Taxi Rank

Prague taxi drivers tend to have a reputation for trying to rip off tourists, so do be aware whenever you use a taxi in Prague to check the price before the journey. From the airport to the city center, the journey is based on kilometers but should cost approximately 30 USD (650CZK) and no more than 36 USD (800CZK). If a driver does quote you that high of a price, politely decline and find another taxi because that one is trying to take advantage.

Prague Airport Transfers

A private airport transfer is a great option if you’d like the peace of mind knowing that someone is tracking your flights and waiting for your arrival. Prague airport transfers can be arranged ahead and pre-booked online. When you get to the arrival section of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 there will be driver welcoming you to the city holding a sign with your name to help easily identify which service you’ve booked. They will help you with your luggage and guide you to the waiting car. Prague airport transfers have a very good reputation and often the guides go above and beyond by giving facts and history along the way, maps, free guidebooks and recommendations for tours and such throughout the city.

The price is fairly competitive with the going rate of taxis, anywhere from 28 USD (625 CZK) to 40 USD (875 CZK) depending on the group size and can be pre-payed ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about the exchange of money in the vehicle.


(average charge – all included by a Private Taxi) From Prague Airport PRG.

City Centre27€19 km32 min
Train Station27€18.8 km28 min
Karlovy Vary134€121 km1 hr 25 min
Cesky Krumlov207€193 km2 hr 20 min
Cesky Krumlov31€16.8 km29 min

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  View of Prague Airport Taxi Rank

Prague Airport UBER

Uber is still currently legal in Prague, though many taxi drivers protest and some may tell you it is illegal. You can call an Uber throughout the city and also go to and from the airport. Uber’s are usually cheaper than taxis and the advantage is all the usual things with the app: don’t have to worry about the exchange of money, you can track your driver for their arrival, and you can see the route you’re taking to your final destination. When you book an Uber make sure to pick whether you’re in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 so the driver knows which area to go to.

Ubers and other rideshare options can’t stand and wait outside the terminal for you, so you may have to wait a few minutes for their arrival, but in general it is a quick, efficient and easy way to get to and from the airport. The only downside here for international guests is you need to be hooked up to WiFi for the app to work. While the app may work in the airport terminals, it can get spotty reception outside near the waiting areas.

There are several ways to get from the Prague airport to the city center, it just depends on your preference. Some people like to wing it when they arrive and just grab a taxi, no matter the cost while others prefer to pre-plan and coordinate transportation for ease and peace of mind upon arrival. No matter the choice, there are plenty of options and you’ll be able to start your Prague holiday and explore this beautiful city in no time.

Taxi Scams to Avoid

Václav Havel Airport Prague, more commonly known simply as Prague Airport, is a leading transportation hub for people visiting the Czech Republic capital city of Prague whether for work or leisure. Also known by its International Air Transport Association code of PRG, the airport is just 7 miles (about 12 kilometers) from the city center, with several transport options available.

One of the ways that you can get from Prague Airport to your hotel or other accommodation in the city is by using a taxi. This can be an affordable and quick way to get between the two destinations, and you also have the security of knowing that your luggage is safe in the trunk of the car. And you get the privacy of riding in the taxi, without the hassle and lack of personal space that you might experience with taking public transportation from the airport to Prague.

The vast majority of taxi drivers serving Prague Airport are trustworthy and licensed, and they will ensure that you get a safe and smooth ride to wherever you are staying. However, as with most industries there are sadly some taxi drivers that will try to scam you, usually to make more money from the ride than they are owed. But with some advance knowledge of these potential tricks, you can have the information you need to avoid falling for their airport taxi scams.

Driver tries to charge you more than the actual fare

Taxis to and from Prague Airport operate on meters, and that means your fare is charged based on the time and distance traveled. In theory this should help both the driver and rider know the accurate fare, but some drivers will lie and pretend that the true fare is much higher than whatever is showing on the meter. Avoid this by researching the average taxi fare for your journey before flying, using the guideline of the average ride from the airport to the city costing about 650 Czech koruna (CZK).

Driver tries to take you on an unnecessary scenic route

Another way that drivers drive to significantly increase the fare is by taking you on an unnecessarily long scenic route to your destination, and the longer and more time the journey takes, the more expensive the fare will be. To prevent this from happening you should research your preferred quick route from the airport to your accommodation in advance, print out the directions, and insist that the driver adhere to them. Keep your own copy so that you can make sure the driver is following your instructions.

Don’t accept ride offers from strangers at the airport

Authorized airport taxi drivers will never approach you in the terminal with the promise of a cheaper fare than the taxis waiting outside. These drivers are always unlicensed and you will be taking a major risk traveling with them, as they are typically uninsured and therefore you’ll struggle to get any costs off them in the event of an accident.

The simplest way to avoid this scam is to ignore or refuse all drivers that approach you within the airport terminal, and only get into taxis waiting at the officially designated area.

Prague Airport Taxis FAQ

The taxi pickup stands are conveniently located just outside of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 arrival areas. After you have cleared passport control and retrieved your luggage, follow the signs within the terminal for taxis or ask an airport employee for directions.

Most of the taxis that operate at Prague Airport are five-seater cars, which means they can handle four passengers. If you have a larger group, alert a staff member at the taxi stand who can either order multiple taxis or arrange a bigger vehicle to take you all at once.

The exact price of your ride will depend on the time and distance that it takes to get there, with longer journeys being more expensive. But as a general guideline to prevent against being scammed, an average fare from Prague Airport into the city center should be about 650 Czech koruna (CZK). If you are charged significantly more than that, you might be getting scammed.

No, the fare that you will pay is per car and based on the time and distance involved with the journey, whether you are traveling alone or with companions. You should

You are not under any legal obligation to pay your taxi driver any tip, but it is customary to tip between 5 percent and 10 percent of your final fare value as a thank you for a safe and smooth journey to your final destination. But if you consider that the taxi ride was dangerous, that you were scammed, or you have any other problem with it, you should not tip the driver.

If you think your taxi driver has scammed you by charging an exorbitant fare or by using any other trick, you can report it to the local transport police. Before leaving the taxi you should write down the taxi driver’s car and license number, their identification number, the total fare, and retain your receipt for your journey because the police will want to review everything.

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Prague Airport

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